Nick's Duel (For the Motherland)

Wargus is a Warcraft 2 mod that allows you to play Warcraft 2 with the Stratagus engine.
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Nick's Duel (For the Motherland)

Post by Kyran »

New Nickmaps for that game mode we all know and love. They are using the stock FtM2012 Ais, so they are not very good.
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04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
05:06 jim4 finished wc1 support yet? i've been waiting for 6 years
05:10 jim4 new things scare me
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Re: Nick's Duel (For the Motherland)

Post by Yukiko »

Added improvements to One Way Through.
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