Old Warcraft remake with Mac/scaled up graphics?

Wargus is a Warcraft 1 mod that allows you to play Warcraft 1 with the Stratagus engine.
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Old Warcraft remake with Mac/scaled up graphics?

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I'm not sure this is the right place to ask, but it may be connected with Wargus. I vaguely remember that when I learned of Wargus/Stratagus for the first time sometime in mid-2000s, I stumbled upon a WIP project to recreate Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. The project used what I thought back then to be scaled up Warcraft graphics, but now I suspect that it might have been high-res sprites from the Mac version.

The project had a single screenshot on the site which was taken from the first Orc mission, something like this:

This is a screenshot from the Mac demo version. The difference was that the black background on the interface icons was purple instead, and some other graphical glitches were in place as well.

As I was not aware of the high-res Mac version back then, I assumed the project used some custom scaled-up graphics. At any rate, it was incomplete, and I'm not sure if there was a working download at all.

I remember visiting the Wargus website around the same time, and in fact I thought that the screenshot was from a Wargus side-project that aimed to recreate Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. However, I have checked the archived copies of the Wargus website via the Wayback Machine, and there's no such project or screenshot.

I suspect that maybe I found that project by Googling keywords like "warcraft remake", which returned links to both Wargus and that project. Anyone have any idea what it could be?
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