highly intelligent Sailor Moon Cosplay Costumes

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highly intelligent Sailor Moon Cosplay Costumes

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Tsukino Usagi, she is the leading character of it and is a common junior middle school student, who is not good at study and is always late for school. And her life is totally changed after meeting a talking cat named Luna while attaining the capability of transforming herself into the Sailor Senshi. She fights against the evil and dark force together with her friends who are also the Sailor Moon members. Hence there are many other characters in it, such as Ami Mizuno, a quiet and highly intelligent girl at fourteen and a bookworm in Usagi’s class. Rei Hino, a priestess and schoolgirl.
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Re: highly intelligent Sailor Moon Cosplay Costumes

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04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
05:06 jim4 finished wc1 support yet? i've been waiting for 6 years
05:10 jim4 new things scare me
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