Warcraft II Map Classification

Stratagus has been used extensively in academia for AI research.
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Warcraft II Map Classification

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Andrew Trusty's work using Stratagus.
I started working with a new research group in the Cognitive Computing Lab under Ashwin Ram this semester. The project I am working on is concentrated on using Case Based Reasoning techniques to easily develop AI opponents in video games. We are using Wargus, an open-source mod which allows you to play Warcraft 2 using the open-source Stratagus game engine, as the platform for our CBR research.

My contribution to the project was to develop a map classification system for Warcraft 2 maps which would provide additional features for the CBR engine. The system is a joint project between my Pattern Recognition class professor Jim Rehg and the CCL researchers Santi Ontañón and Manish Mehta. It was also a good starter project for getting more familiar with the architecture of their system since I plan on continuing to work with the group for my senior research project.

The goal of my project was to locate and identify specific features of the Warcraft 2 maps including strategically important choke points, rivers, lakes, islands, and different types of forested and mountainous areas. Once I had picked these features, I hand labeled over a thousand square subsections taken from Warcraft 2 maps which ranged in size from 4×4 up to 10×10 map tiles. Next, I automatically extracted a number of features from these map subsections including the percentage of different types of tiles, the number of contiguous regions of each tile type, and other tallies. Finally, I used the Weka Machine Learning toolkit to train models which could locate and identify the features I had hand labeled given only a subsection of the map. The best models resulted from using the M5P and REP decision tree algorithms.
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