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Wyrmsun is an RTS / Grand Strategy game which features elements of mythology, history and fiction.
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Modding Q&A

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1. Question: Which files do I need to create a mod?

Answer: You need at least an info.lua and a main.lua file. The former is preloaded by the game to display the mod's name in the mod screen, while the latter contains the mod's actual code.

2. Question: What structure should info.lua have?

Answer: info.lua should have the following fields (replace "STRING" with the text you want to have, in quotes):
ModName = STRING
ModDescription = STRING (optional)

3. Question: What path should I use to load files within my mod's folder?

Answer: Use paths like this:
ModPath .. "gold_mine_rail.png"

In this example, this would load gold_mine_rail.png in the mod's main folder (you can use subfolders if you wish).

4. Question: How do I edit a unit type's stats in the editor?

Answer: Right-click on the unit type's icon in the unit type list.

5. Question: How do I play a map I created?

Answer: In the custom map screen, choose the "Custom" world, and then select your map from the map list.

6. Question: Where are mods located?

Answer: In the /Wyrmsun/mods/ folder, or in the /SteamApps/content/370070/ folder of you are using the Steam version.
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