Playing Multiplayer

Use this forum to set up multiplayer matches and tournaments.
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Playing Multiplayer

Post by Kyran »

In order to play a multiplayer game over the internet, you have to setup port forwarding to enable players to connect the host. Stratagus uses port 6660 by default (if you wish to change the port, use -P <number> when running the executable). There are plenty of guides out on how to port forward. PC World has a one. If that doesn't work, make sure Stratagus is cleared with your firewall (I just turn it off).
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04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
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Re: Playing Multiplayer

Post by francot514 »

Why not to setup/ add a new stratagus master server for the most played games...??
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