C&C RETRO + Game Mapping and Music

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C&C RETRO + Game Mapping and Music

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i've made a non Stratagus Command & Conquer MOD (C&C RETRO ONLINE) with new maps and music. http://divinity.x10.bz/cnconline/

Now that i have Stratagus i'm maybe gonna make a Game from scratch. I would need some Graphic designers, and Audio SFX artists.
Better would be if someone has an advanced Game where i can help out (maybe BOS WARS if it's under development) :D ?

Scripting in Stratagus is very similar to Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn so i can make high quality Missions and my music isn't bad
either i guess. --> newest Song: http://soundcloud.com/divinity-1/divini ... il-the-end --> DEMOREEL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SomRKM2cJBo

Stratagus is the best free RTS Engine i could find. (Warzone 2100 and Spring have horrible scripting)

that's all for now,
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Re: C&C RETRO + Game Mapping and Music

Post by Kyran »

Hey DiViNiTY!

The games requiring the most work right now are Stargus and War1gus. Soon I'll be releasing Aleona's Tales which will most likely require some extra work (extra maps and campaigns). I recommend browsing the scripts behind the For the Motherland gametype, so you can get an idea of some of the things possible.
04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
05:06 jim4 finished wc1 support yet? i've been waiting for 6 years
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