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Re: Animation control

Postby Andrettin » Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:21 pm

b_o wrote:That's what I thought, but....
When I edit the wait's here:

Code: Select all

local AxeThrowerMove = {"unbreakable begin","frame 0", "move 3", "wait 2", "frame 5", "move 3", "wait 1",
    "frame 5", "move 3", "wait 2", "frame 10", "move 2", "wait 1",
    "frame 10", "move 3", "wait 1", "frame 0", "move 2", "wait 1",
    "frame 0", "move 3", "wait 2", "frame 15", "move 3", "wait 1",
    "frame 15", "move 3", "wait 2", "frame 20", "move 2", "wait 1",
    "frame 20", "move 3", "wait 1", "frame 0", "move 2", "unbreakable end", "wait 1",}
The unit speed is affected here:

Code: Select all

DefineAnimations("animations-berserker", {
  Still = AxeThrowerStill,
  Move = AxeThrowerMove,
but not here:

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DefineAnimations("animations-sharp-axe", {
  Still = AxeThrowerStill,
  Move = AxeThrowerMove,
Though I've only really tested this with ogres/ogre hero's and grunts/grunt heros, those use similar code, where the hero's Move= points to the same code as the non-hero. In theory the movement/animation behavior should be the same for hero's and non-hero's, but it's not.
That really is rather strange, specially since Dentarg uses (mistakenly, I suppose), not "animations-fad-man", but "animations-ogre", and thus he should function in exactly the same manner as the Ogres. I wonder what may be causing the issue...

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