Resolution Hack for Starcraft

Stargus is a Starcraft mod that allows you to play Starcraft with the Stratagus engine, as opposed to play it with the original Starcraft one.
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Resolution Hack for Starcraft

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I was trying to get Stargus running one day a few months ago, but every time I did, the game would exit after about 5 minutes of play time - alot of work needs to be done with the scripting files I know I know...

Anyway. I did a google search for something to make the original starcraft run at a higher resolution, (becase let's face it - 640x480 ain't cuttin' any preformance cakes anymore) and I found this wicked little program called resolution hack, made especially for StarCraft. You can choose any resolution your monitor can create, and even add more in the ini file - I think...Anyways it really makes the game feel alot more modern because you get to play at a higher resoltion - I don't know why it feels newer when play in high res but my enthusiasm for the game (which I've only EVER played through the Terran Campaign in full, never the Zerg or Protoss) has been more so. All I gotta do now is play all the SC Campaigns and get onto Brood Wars afterward...

Anyway, that's me. Make sure you all Google "Resolution Hack Starcraft" when you get a spare moment, it's really great and will provide something concrete until all the bugs get ironed out of Stargus.
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