WIP meets windgus?

WIP aims to Wargus, while maintaining the game's ambience and gameplay experience.
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WIP meets windgus?

Postby b_o » Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:52 am

Here are some ideas for bringing windgus stuff into the WIP:
Animated critter:
animated critter
critter.png (1.32 KiB) Viewed 3367 times
gdefender.png (1.37 KiB) Viewed 3367 times
tauren.png (2.74 KiB) Viewed 3367 times
As is:
Earth elemental:
Earth Elemental
rubble_fiend.png (1.8 KiB) Viewed 3365 times
Neutral Sea Monster:
Sea Monster
foul_fess.png (2.48 KiB) Viewed 3365 times
Additional Daemon:
elemental.png (2.22 KiB) Viewed 3365 times
There was a glitch that wouldn't let me reply , but it would let me edit:
Big Daddy wrote:As far as Warcraft 2 is concerned, Tauren don't exist.
But if we're throwing Tauren into the mix, let's fill War2 with Pandas as well ;)...
I'm not very familiar with anything post wc2. I really only thought of them as minotaurs, and only used the term Tauren because I saw the name mentioned elsewhere on this forum. I don't see minotaurs as very out of place in a game with things like dragons and orcs. It's not really a matter of non-existence as much as non-appearance. Earth elementals didn't appear in wc2 either, and neither did cows or most other normal animals, but they would seem plausible additions IMO. The dark portal exists in wc2, so there are other possibilities, but Panda men seem out of place in wc and would probably be more fit for something like pok-e-mon.
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Big Daddy
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Re: WIP meets windgus?

Postby Big Daddy » Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:52 pm

As far as Warcraft 2 is concerned, Tauren don't exist.

But if we're throwing Tauren into the mix, let's fill War2 with Pandas as well ;)

I mean, Pandaren?
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Re: WIP meets windgus?

Postby Andrettin » Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:59 pm

This sounds interesting.

RoR had an Earth Elemental as well:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/173 ... mental.bmp

The first icon here could be used for the Goblin:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/173 ... evised.gif
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Re: WIP meets windgus?

Postby desnell88 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:14 pm

The cannon for the Humans found in RoR would certainly fit to be in War2 (for the humans). After all, both the Alliance and the Horde do employ cannons (warships, towers, etc.). Anyone remember the Goblin Gunner from RoR as well? it's so interesting to know that the mount was a raptor, predating the one from WoW by many years.

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