I fixed the color cycling problem.

Wargus is a Warcraft 2 mod that allows you to play Warcraft 2 with the Stratagus engine.
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I fixed the color cycling problem.

Postby DinkyDyeAussie » Sun May 05, 2013 4:06 pm

I've been mucking around with the Color Cycling problem with wargus. At first I changed the setting in stratagus.lua and the result was different with each tileset.

Summer/Forest: Had no problems with color cycling at all, The Dark Portal now cycles the portal area like the original warcraft 2 does.
Swamp: Had alot of problems with the rocks cycling colors as well as the portal.
Wasteland: Had the same problems as I did with the Swamp Tileset.
Winter: No rock color cycling but the trees cycled in the areas between the trees.

Then I got to thinking that I should look up the color values for each tileset. Color cycling is slightly different for each one to get the dark portal working right for each tileset. So instead of putting the color cycling infomation in "stratagus.lua", I placed individual cycling info at the bottom of each "<tileset>.lua" file and deleted the info in "stratagus.lua", and viola! problem solved.

So here, I got the scripts all zipped up, so please guys can you add this to the wargus trunk?
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Re: I fixed the color cycling problem.

Postby jarod42 » Mon May 06, 2013 3:07 am

Added (just the colorCycling stuff).

Note: you have better chance to have your modification submitted if posted in launchpad.

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