Seeking Installation Help

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Seeking Installation Help

Postby WithinAmnesia » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:25 pm

Hello! I am trying to install Stratagus on Windows 8.1 and I am not understanding how to use Cmake effectively (for I am crap at most thing regarding making digital tools - although I excel at using them:-P) and I found the Installation instructions to be rather vague (for myself at least) with:
"<li><b>Step 1, Download and Extract:</b><p>

<li><a href="">Download</a> the source code.<br>

<li>Extract the source stratagus-VERSION.tar.gz with
'tar -zxvf stratagus-VERSION.tar.gz'

<li><b>Step 2, Compile:</b><p>

Create 'build' directory in toplevel stratagus tree and here run:<br />
'cmake .. && make'<p>
(I have completed step 1, yet step 2 is where I run into trouble.)

What exactly do I need to do with Cmake? I have used Cmake briefly in the past with a RPG called Flare although my brain is simply not wired for this line of work and I am unfortunately at a roadblock.

All I want to do is to try out the Stratagus game engine but this area of work (building digital tools) is my absolute weakest area in my creative skill set. I am looking for an RTS game engine akin to Warcraft I / Warcraft II where I can put my art and design skills to work in making an RTS based in a medieval fantasy setting of my own creation. Yet I am struggling with the first step :-S.

I am not inept, I have a specialized skill set based in art / music with regards to my creative game making abilities. Programming / scripting / coding has always been an area where I shy away from, I simply find it not enjoyable *shrug* :-/. I am an artist / video game designer looking for a set of tools to create a RTS game with, and I am simply terrible at making my own tools (thus this forum post):-S.

I am sorry for asking a pretty trivial if a rather annoying question (to most on here I recon) yet I am well driven to find an RTS engine for my RTS game project that is well suited to host my medieval fantasy world (that I have been conceptualizing for years and years now). I have tried many game engines in the past few years and I want this engine to work where so many other RTS engines have not (although I need to first play the game engine first - which is why I am here asking for help for I have not even gotten to playing with Stratagus yet :-/). I am looking for help to overcome this obstacle so I can start putting my talents and strong suits to work on building a new RTS game. I would love to get in contact with some people on here for I like working with people instead of by myself in general (as for other than asking for help from time to time I can share things too) :-).
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Re: Seeking Installation Help

Postby Yukiko » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:50 pm

You don't need to modify the engine to create a game. You can do everything in LUA.

The project is now hosted on Github:

Here is a mini-site:

You could start by trying to modify Wargus Unstable: ... -2.4.1.exe

You could even use Wyrmsun as a base.

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