Warcraft II sprite creation process

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Re: Warcraft II sprite creation process

Postby MrFlibble » Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:30 pm

francot514 wrote:You have checked all the custom Warcraftish Graphics, those have been made without modeling i tought, there is easy way to edit them, and create new warcraft 2 sprites from the current retail version, also is poosible for the tileset (i wanted to port the custom desert and jungle into stratagus, but was not able to extract those for warcraft 2 game files)
Graphics derived from original Blizzard's assets cannot be used in open source projects like Wargus and Wyrmsun - only in mods that work with the original game.

Besides, my interest in this subject is more of historical curiosity, than an idea for practical application.
snv wrote:
MrFlibble wrote:Any idea where you could possibly read that? Was it a gaming magazine or an online publication?
That was long time ago. But IIRC, that was something like a survey article about sprite creation methods.
That must have been an interesting read!
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Re: Warcraft II sprite creation process

Postby snv » Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:00 am

Here I have retouched pre-rendered Aleona Tales model. BTW, blizzard sprites also include dithering. Converting this castle sprite to WC2 palette produced exactly the same dithering pattern and color picking, as the one you can see on the original war2 human castle sprite.

It is likely, that blizzard artists also used brush tool to retouch 3d models, due to strange continuous gradients, uncommon to both rendering and pixelart.
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Re: Warcraft II sprite creation process

Postby MrFlibble » Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:00 am

Wow, you really are an expert on sprite graphics! :) Your edit of that castle certainly made it much more Blizzard-esque. It seems however that the very top and the very bottom of the original image have been cut off..?

Slightly off-topic, your link in the signature does not seem to work. I assume that it should point to here. BTW, you have a great collection of free art :)

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