New unit ideas

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Re: New unit ideas

Postby b_o » Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:42 am

Kyran wrote:I made some audio for a gnome.
I think the herbalist should sound older, more of a raspy voice like the grandpa on the simpsons with an adjusted pitch, or maybe sort of similar to papa smurf from the old smurf cartoon. I had someone make a bunch of gnome sounds, and they were on the github briefly, but the recording was messed up so we were thinking of doing it again to preserve quality. This audio of yours would be better suited for a different gnome in my opinion. Maybe the gnome recruit or a gnome hero? But I think the pitch could be adjusted in audacity to make it sound smaller for any gnome. But I suppose it could be a good sound variation for a younger gnome herbalist? I think maybe you should make the voices for the celts. A shifted pitch for the gnome might be a big enough difference in voice quality between celts and gnomes to use your voice for both kinds of units.

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