Inherited Perl website, desperate for help

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Inherited Perl website, desperate for help

Postby Donnieclark » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:23 am

I have inherited this fairly complex Perl scripted website with a drd offsite database (?) and some cgi files.
I'm able to read through most of the code and make edits where necessary - it seems pretty cut and dry when if one is familiar with PHP...

Most all of the website runs well enough, but there's a subfolder the programmer created that continues to throw an internal server error
no matter what I do.

there are so many moving parts in the whole site I can't tell exactly how this folder comes into play, but my client insists that it can
be called in the browser - but all i'm getting is this Internal Server error.

An SSL cert is involved, too, and I'm flat stuck.

I'm really hoping I can get someone to look at a few of these files and maybe give me an idea what's happening?

The folders index file is index.cgi and even if the file is empty i get the error -

I really hope someone can give me a small hand with this - asking for help is all I have left. if someone's willing to help, I'll try to post some
coding that i think is relevant, or i'd be willing to give someone access to the server, even.

Thanks much to anyone who can help,

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