Tutorial: How to Create Mods for WIP

WIP aims to Wargus, while maintaining the game's ambience and gameplay experience.
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Tutorial: How to Create Mods for WIP

Postby Andrettin » Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:45 am

Creating a mod for WIP is simple, and this guide will explain the basics of how to do so.

The Main File

First, you have to create a Lua file in /Wargus/wip/mods/, which should have the name of your mod. That file can contain all your mod's code, or, if you want to use multiple files, you can do that as well, by creating a folder with your mod's name under /Wargus/wip/mods/ and making the main file load them. The code for loading the extra files should look something like this:

Code: Select all

Redefining Units

You can redefine units without needing to define all of the units characteristics again; you only need to refer to what you want to change. Let's say you want to increase the Grunt's HP to 90.

In that case, you should include code such as this in your mod:

Code: Select all

DefineUnitType("unit-grunt", {
	HitPoints = 90
} )
Maps and Graphics

New custom maps and graphics can be included with your mod - but unfortunately you cannot put them in your mod's folder, you need to place them somewhere within the /Wargus/maps/ and /Wargus/graphics/, respectively. However, to keep everything as modular as possible, and to make your mod's assets more easily identifiable, I suggest putting them into /Wargus/maps/MOD_NAME/ and /Wargus/graphics/MOD_NAME/, replacing "MOD_NAME" with your mod's name, of course.

Loading Your Mod
When everything is done, you can then simply use WIP's "Load Mod" function to load your mod's main file, and your mod's changes will be effected into the game. Keep in mind that if you want to play a WIP mod, you need to load it every time you start Wargus.

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