Stratagus Build 8257 download

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Stratagus Build 8257 download

Postby DinkyDyeAussie » Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:41 am

For all you people waiting anxiously for the 2.2.7 version to come out, but can't stand the waiting bit, I have the latest trunk build that you can all use until the newest release comes out.

I don't make any promises it will work A1 on your system - this is for Windows PCs only btw, I don't build Linux/Android/whatever else binaries. You should backup the SDL.dll plus your Stratagus.exe and Stratagus-dbg.exe in case this doesn't work for you. You need this SDL.dll that is in the Zip file to get the movies to work right.

The game is alot more stable. Also, try loading any old save games you have from older versions of wargus and tell me on here if they all work for you when you use this trunk version to play the game. We need this tested as much as we can along with how the A.I react/don't react during gameplay - skirmish or campaign...Report it all here for debugging purposes.
Build 8257 for Download
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