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Stratagus Manuel

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:06 pm
by Kyran
Hello! I'm a graduate student from South Korea. I'm interested in stratus engine and I want to develop a RTS game using it. But I cannot find a detailed manual of the engine, it's difficult for me to analyze the engine just by exploring the source code. So if you have a detailed manual, send me please.^ ^

The summer holiday will start at the end of this month, I want to utilize this period to deeply study the engine, so if possible, please send me before July. At last, I'm sorry for my poor English. Thank you very much!
There are two parts to a Stratagus game: the engine and the LUA game scripts. To make a RTS all you need to worry about are the LUA game scripts.

I'd recommend downloading a Stratagus game and checking out the files in the /scripts/ directory. You can try Wargus if you've got DOS Warcraft 2, or Aleona's Tales if you don't ( ... /

Here is the scripts documentation:
Hi, I'm the Korean student messaged you before. Thank you for telling me how to start to study stratagus engine. I have downloaded the game Aleona's Tales (AT_2-2-7_R1) and tried to compile the engine of version 2.2.7. I successfully got the stratagus.exe and the game can be started.
Now, I can read lots of part of lua files and know how to execute the lua files. However, I can not find how to make custom maps. I think I can find the solution in source code, but it's difficult to explore the source code without adequate decoments. In addition, although I have understood most parts lua files, I don't think I know the stratagus engine itself a lot.
So I want to know how to make custom maps when I develop a game using stratagus engine, and if there are some documents or something about the structure of the engine, please send me.
Thank you again and have a nice day!!
The latest version of Aleona's Tales is AT_2-2-7_R2.

If you'd like to create custom maps in Aleona's Tales you can download this patch: download/file.php?id=121

Put those files into the Aleona's Tales folder. Next, in Aleona's Tales change the resolution to 800 by 480. Now at the main menu click on the 'Editor' button. It'll let you create new maps.

Map files consist of a sms and a smp file. These files can be opened in any text editor. However, in Aleona's Tales most of these files are compressed in the maps folder, you can use 7-Zip or similar to extract them.

If you like you can also create maps in Wargus, and Warcraft 2 maps can also be converted into Stratagus maps by using pudconvert.exe

As far as I know there isn't any documentation for the engine itself. Most people wouldn't need to delve into it to make a game.

Re: Stratagus Manuel

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:02 am
by Big Daddy
For an open-source project to truly be successful, it's an absolute neccessity to have proper documentation, especially in this day and age.