Multiplayer Tileset Selection

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Multiplayer Tileset Selection

Postby DinkyDyeAussie » Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:34 am

I've been looking through script files for wargus - mainly "guichan.lua" and "network.lua", trying to see how I can implant the Tileset Selection option for multiplayer, because the original had the option, and now the Single Player mode in stratagus has this option, I'm trying to LUA script the option into the multiplayer version - which is "network.lua", along with changing the behaviour and look of the multiplayer screens to better reflect the original games look.

So far I have a dropdown list to select the tileset, and the name of the tilesets available, but when it comes to showing the name in the dropdown list for the people joining the game it stays on "map default", and if I start the game, wargus crashes for the creator (server) and for the (client) you can scroll, but cannot interact with anything because the server has crashed.

I need help coding the option for the multiplayer. I've looked in the source code to see what the "CServer" class has in terms of tileset selection, and there is one called "TilesetSelection" and I've tried using this in "network.lua" to get the game to use the selected tileset name, but it causes the game to crash.

I want tileset selection for multiplayer and I need help! Even hints and tips to make it work would be good. I'd like to solve this myself, but I just need a few pointers.

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