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all-consuming new worlds WarCraft2 from Russia

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:46 pm
all-consuming new worlds WarCraft2 from Russia

on map everything is built by ours and by enemies
and in saved everything is developed and immediately battle

2019 map based on my 2002 maps
and settings are possible: where ours and type of attacks

life hack: to quickly find best card
you need to save game to disk and play loading

youtube: my cards of 2019 for Dark Saga & Wargus
1280x720 and all past years I play only my cards

further in this topic: converter pud to pics and other maps



newest youtube: warcraft2 on screen 1600 about 5 of my maps in 2 minutes
WarCraft2 1600 Russian 5 PUD Danilin allconsuming Wargus

Re: all-consuming new worlds WarCraft2 from Russia

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 2:00 am
WarCraft2 versions for playing only selected cards are created
and each of 3 versions includes its own language RUS USA FRA
and develops WarCraft2 Wargus wonderful versions see YouTube

used existing files of different versions and clones
plus my cards are compatible with Wargus Stratagus DarkSaga

characters are voiced and video matches language and knowing rules
of registration it is possible to change everything at any time

music: last century and metal cover and new
downloaded separately and unpacked to music

WarCraft2_Program = genaration & modify maps
pudbrowse pudconvert puddle pudpic resview warmaker

WarCraft2_Wargus_RUS_USA_FRA_da78!AopHmcTeCkrOablxj6o ... U?e=BVWb8E!AopHmcTeCkrOablxj6oBHcfKhTU?e=BVWb8E ... DEC499478A

WarCraft2 MIRACLE Wargus 1600 DANILIN allconsuming worlds

des versions pour jouer WarCraft2 uniquement les cartes sélectionnées sont
créées et chacune des 3 versions comprend sa propre langue RUS USA FRA
et développe WarCraft2 Wargus de merveilleuses versions voir YouTube

utilisé des fichiers existants de différentes versions et clones
plus mes cartes sont compatibles avec Wargus Stratagus DarkSaga

les caractères sont exprimés et la vidéo correspond à la langue
et connaissant les règles d'inscription
il est possible de tout changer à tout moment

musique: siècle dernier et tapis métallique et nouveau
téléchargé séparément et décompacté en musique

WarCraft2_Program = génération et modification de cartes
pudbrowse pudconvert puddle pudpic resview warmaker