High ultrafine mill has great promise in coal ash production

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High ultrafine mill has great promise in coal ash production

Postby remember006 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:27 pm

In recent years, the comprehensive process of coal ash has become an important economic policy which mainly owes to the application of ultrafine mill, and this machine effectively solves the problem of pollution of the production environment in the power generating industry in our country.
The coal ash ground by the high suspension grinding mill can be added in to the concrete in order to increase the pumpability of the concrete, and at the same time, reduces its sudden changes in property and the heat of hydration and heat expansibility, and increase its impervious ability and the modificability. In addition, after being processed by this machine, the coal ash is used as good building material which can be used in the production of baking-free brick and environmentally-friendly brick, thus realizing the comprehensive utilization of the resources.
The process of the coal ash by the ultrafine mill effectively solves the coal ash disposal problem in the power station and makes a great contribution to the environmental protection and the reasonable utilization of the resources.

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