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An verall reductin in energy levels and strength levels after a certain age can als be a pssible sign f this cnditin. If this lethargy and cnstant sense f tiredness persists withut any visible disease r illness, it culd be because the bdy is just nt prducing any teststerne anymre, r is ding s at an PerformX Testo incredibly lwered rate. If a middle aged man is finding it very hard t cncentrate n his tasks and his attentin keeps wandering easily, it culd well be an indicatin f male menpause. Even a reduced r impaired memry can indicate the nset f this cnditin. Similar t menpause, the symptms als include extreme buts f sudden sweating, that are referred t as ht flashes. Sudden and inexplicable sweating can als be attributed t the lack f teststerne in the male bdy. A decreased sense f agility, strength, virility, memry, muscle strength, and ther similar characteristics are all classic symptms f andrpause. This is a cnditin that cannt be avided in males, and every male will g thrugh it at sme pint in time. It is a natural prcess that is inevitable as bdily functins and hrmne secretins start diminishing slwly but steadily. Did Yu Knw? Lw sperm cunt in men that causes fertility prblems has been attributed t disturbances in luteinizing hrmne (LH) levels in the bld.

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