Aleona's Tales now on Pandora

Timesless Tales is a standalone expansion for Wyrmsun.
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Aleona's Tales now on Pandora

Postby Kyran » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:01 pm

The latest version of the Pandora Stratagus port now supports Aleona's Tales.
- Initial release for Dragonbox Competition 2012/2013.
- Added wartool and startool command line for data extraction inside OpenPandora.
- Stargus and Wargus folder created at first boot on home folder. Thx for the feedback, ;)
- Updated description.
- Removed competition logo.
- Thx for your votes, proud to be 2nd place, ;)
- Added Aleona's Tales to launch options.


- Execute launcher to make appdata stratagus folder (home, .stratagus)
- Copy data extracted by wartool/startool (Linux, Mac, Windows, N900, OpenPandora) to appdata stratagus home folder. Folder should end like this:


Installing Aleona's Tales:

Download game at:
Unzip in folder: /media/YourSD/pandora/appdata/stratagus/home/aleona
04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
05:06 jim4 finished wc1 support yet? i've been waiting for 6 years
05:10 jim4 new things scare me
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Re: Aleona's Tales now on Pandora

Postby Kyran » Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:32 pm

Kyran Good morning OpenPandora Land!
Wally Morning mr Draaagon
EvilDragon Roar.
Wally D:
EvilDragon For you, it's Mr. Evil.
Wally :2
Wally :@
Wally Nah its cool Mr Evil.
Wally MrShlee did you end up getting your Pandora sorted out?
Wally also EvilDragon I got those Retrode plugin adapters.
EvilDragon Wally, That was fasdt,.
THB_ craig doesnt want to break the data protection act
Wally yeah!
THB_ it is against his high morals
Wally he'd rather fall off a building with his camera
THB_ or sit in the snow drinking vodka
THB_ wearing a silly hat
THB_ gotta respect that
Wally They work well too EvilDragon . Been playing Mario 64 with Daedalus and N64 controller
EvilDragon THB_, As mentioned, you are allowed to give the details to third party companies if it's needed to fulfill the act.
MrShlee Wally: yeah. Ed has my pandora.
Wally yay
MrShlee Dunny: I call bullshit on that because ED is a second party. He's making the product for the first party. There isn't consumer protection.
MrShlee like.... Craig is ripping off his customers
THB_ aww
MrShlee and calling bullshit on something that will help his customers.
THB_ why be like that man
MrShlee Because it's just a distraction.
MrShlee Trying to hold onto his "bargining chip"
Wally OH
sswam meh boring
MrShlee I don't have a Pandora.. it is boring.
sswam so buy one
SuperRoach are you talking about his list of customers mrshlee?
SuperRoach like ed said, it's a legal thing and what he posted.
MrShlee It's a lie.
Wally Cake?
MrShlee Anyway
MrShlee Wally: it's friday night.. go get drunk
Wally MrShlee nah
Wally I'm compiling
MrShlee well. I'll get drunk for you.
Wally Good good1
SuperRoach I'm getting render errors in openshot, crashes right at the end of an error
SuperRoach its a good program... but omg the unpredictable render crashes
Kyran Hey OP Land! A few days ago I got a whole bunch of new bug reports and messages of encouragement. I finally learnt where all the extra traffic came from, someone ported my game to the Pandora.
Wally Kyran RAWR
Wally hey! What game is ths
Kyran RAWR Wally
Wally I like this guy already
Kyran Aleona's Rawr, -
Kyran Its a RTS, successor of Freecraft.
Wally heh
Wally Its not on the Repo
Wally Nothing is working for me today is it.
Wally ahh
Kyran Yeah, it uses a launcher type app.
-->| BeholdMyGlory (~behold@unaffiliated/beholdmyglory) has joined #openpandora
Kyran What I'd like a picture or a video of it being played for the Stratagus homepage.
Kyran Hence why I've appeared here.
SuperRoach ohhh thats exciting!
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EvilDragon Kyran, I can make you a video next week, if you like.
Wally Kyran wouldn't you rather a picture of ED Holding a Pandora playing Stratagus?
EvilDragon Really working nicely
Wally He's got glorious Programmer hair
EvilDragon Wally, I'm no programmer though
Kyran Wally, that is a good idea.
Wally Exactly.
EvilDragon Kyran, It's neat playing it on-the-go
Kyran I didn't get any feedback whatsoever until it got ported to the Pandora.
Wally Pandora rules.
SuperRoach EvilDragon, "nubsnubsnubs" still gives me a laugh.
Wally Now you've gotta get one
EvilDragon Kyran, Really? Geez, neat. The Pandora community is small, but they try to get the best out of everything
Kyran I was waiting for a Pandora for years, since 2008, then I gave up and bought a Caanoo.
Wally Soo close to getting Daedalus compiled for Linux
Kyran Then I started work on Wargus for Caanoo.
EvilDragon Kyran, Yeah... that was a sad story back then... I'm so happy production worked out nicely in Germany
Kyran "Kyran, I can make you a video next week, if you like." Yes, thank you.
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Kyran I'm working on a few game modes which are aimed at handhelds, such as the one in the video I posted.
EvilDragon Kyran, Okay, will do
Kyran A more updated version is a trunk on launchpad, so I'll zip that and post it somewhere for you guys.
Kyran It's time for a new release anyway.
Wally that hair
EvilDragon Wally, It's easy to find pictures of me anywhere on the net
EvilDragon Just search for my name
Wally lol
Wally hmm
Wally You're the first result for craigix on google image stoo
EvilDragon Waaaaah!
sswam Kyran, gonna go try Aleona's Tales on Stratagus now ...
Kyran lol, I'm just uploading a new version
Wally MrShlee ... htemoc.jpg
Kyran Sure you don't want to wait
Wally that appears under craigix as well
sswam Kyran, ok pls tell when you've done that!
Kyran This is what I'll call a shotgun release.
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Kyran While that's happening I'll tell you a Pandora story. Back in '09 I was working in a school that was trying to mix it up.
Kyran There was a push to equip the students with iPhones so that they could record data, take notes, do quizzes out in the field.
sswam so Kyran, you coded Stratagus too ... pretty cool
Kyran Now I thought it was going to be a headache to deal with these Apple devices so I was pushing that we outfit the students with Linux based tech, namely, Pandoras.
Kyran ... /
Kyran There we go.
EvilDragon Kyran, Good ideaMore Linux to schools
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Kyran My problem was that the Pandora wasn't even released, and I couldn't say when it would be.
Tachyon` heh
Tachyon` given some people still haven't got the ones they ordered years ago, probably lucky you didn't, your kids may well have graduated before they got one
EvilDragon Kyran, Yeah... that was long time a huge issue.
EvilDragon Now I can provide you 200 in a week, if you need
sswam thx Kyran
Kyran So I sent an email off to sales@pandora explaining the situation and that I was looking to bulk buy a bunch of Pandoras so I could outfit most of the high school students with them.
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Kyran And I never received a reply.
EvilDragon Oh... that was Craigs company.
Tachyon` ah, ED, any movement on the video cables yet?
EvilDragon Weeeeell... not very surprising, sadly.
Wally Kyran EvilDragon is the guy to speak to
EvilDragon Tachyon`, Waiting for prototypes. No movement expected until the prototypes arrive here
burb EvilDragon: Quick question. I want to make a backup of my pokemon gold (gbc) savefile before it's too late and the battery dies. Would the Retrode with the GBX plugin do the job, the saves would show up just as they would on the SNES/MegaDrive module?
Tachyon` ah right -.-
Wally burb yes it would
EvilDragon burb, Yep.
burb Ah great, thanks
Tachyon` think there's a realistic chance of seeing them sometime this year?
EvilDragon Tachyon`, Um, prototype was quoted with 4 weeks, production with 7 weeks, AFAIR.
Tachyon` oh, I last asked perhaps 6-12 months ago
Tachyon` I take it there have been changes since then then, lol
Tachyon` I was pondering making my own but that connector looks very small and meltable
EvilDragon Aaah, okay, didn't know that
EvilDragon Yeah, the year should last a bit longer than 12 weeks, I hope
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EvilDragon I think I ordered them 2 weeks ago, so prototype should be here in 2 weeks.
Kyran Yes well, it was the kids that really had to suffer, with their non-upgradeable iOS iPod Touches.
Tachyon` ahh, right, I'd call that movement then, last time I asked you were having trouble sourcing the connectors required
Kyran I was really hoping to get a free Pandora out of it.
Kyran or at least a broken one to fix
Kyran This Retrode looks awesome.
Tachyon` I have an archos PVR so I'm hoping to be able to use that to take gameplay videos from teh pandora
Kyran Far out Pandora Land, you are opening my world here!
Tachyon` does it output svideo or just composite?
EvilDragon Tachyon`, Not the connectors, we got those for a loooong time
Tachyon` ah, maybe just my memory playing tricks on me
EvilDragon The problem was finding a company that could produce them for a proper price
Tachyon` ah right, aye, that makes sense -.o
Tachyon` I used part of the old case to add a 1.8" hard drive to mine (and prevent it from opening completely flat) but although it works it's too power hungry and slightly too heavy so the 1.8" HDD is going to be replaced with an SSD I think
Tachyon` ... orahdd.jpg <- not very neat, I'll redo the cables so better length when I change the drive and paint it afterwards, builds are a hell of a lot faster with a real HDD than SD though, presumably the small file problem
Wally *sigh* Kumaki
sswam Wally, I had a nice pleasant PMs with Kumaki
Wally heh
sswam what's she up to on the boards now?
Wally Nothing
EvilDragon Hm? Anything bad happening?
sswam general trolling / ranting I guess just the normmal forum stuff
Wally I don't really want to go there EvilDragon
Wally It all starts at that "talk about GTA Thread"
Kyran sswam, is it working?
sswam Kyran: I ran out of inodes lol, will delete some source code and try again and/or bundle it in a PND for conservation of inodes!
sswam BTW, .wav.gz ?
EvilDragon Wally, Ah, didn't follow that, because I'm not interested in GTA.
Wally yeah i kinda knew it'd be a sensitive area
Kyran It's an archived wav file.
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Wally Dunny said something and Kumaki blew up
sswam I see that, thought something like ogg, mp3 or flac might be better is all
sswam just saw them scrolling by! heheh
sswam before the inodes ran out
B-ZaR sswam: or opus!
sswam what's opus new audio format?
B-ZaR yes
Kyran When the voices get replaced they'll be by ogg files.
sswam regretting setting lower inode limit for my SD cards now
Kyran sswam, sorry I made a mistake just then. I'm trying to keep Aleona's Tales compatible with Wargus, and since Wargus uses wavs I use wavs in AT too.
sswam ok that's cool I just never saw that before!
THB_ who is that other new mod?
THB_ the one with like 150posts
sswam will free inodes by remove my kernel
sswam ... source
Wally Polukus?
sswam THB_, hailrazer?
THB_ yeah
sswam I love mods, the more the merrier!!
sswam EvilDragon, you forgot to make me a mod! :`(
THB_ As long as nobody makes that Dredd weirdo a mod
04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
05:06 jim4 finished wc1 support yet? i've been waiting for 6 years
05:10 jim4 new things scare me
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Re: Aleona's Tales now on Pandora

Postby Kyran » Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:17 am

Perhaps I should rename the game, Tales from Pandora!

EDIT: New gametype idea: Kill the Evil Dragon!

04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
05:06 jim4 finished wc1 support yet? i've been waiting for 6 years
05:10 jim4 new things scare me
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Re: Aleona's Tales now on Pandora

Postby Kyran » Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:47 pm

Kyran sswam, the first level you win by taking your hero to the friendly base.
sswam that was in the 'default' campaign
sswam I'll try the other too
Kyran There is only one campaign.
Wally ekianjo its okay we don't bite.. it might be good for me as I can never spell your nick right
Kyran Oh, the default level, mmm, might be a bug
ekianjo hehe
sswam I suspect it happened after save/load
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Kyran save/load is broken
Kyran Did you give For the Motherland a try, sswam?
sswam not yet, will try that next
sswam is anything else major broken I will note it on the repo
Kyran editor
Kyran That's it.
sswam ok did save/load work in a prior release
sswam I think its an awesome game by the way
Kyran I think the problem is with Stratagus, save/load sometimes works sometimes doesn't.
sswam as far as I can tell so far!
sswam I like the voices too, funny
Kyran The little achieved wavs that could!
sswam hehe lol
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Kyran I decided to record a game of it, I lost in three minutes, and I even used cheats.
Kyran Cheats: unite the clans = win
sswam what game for the motherland
sswam is it super hard
Wally Eddy McGuires who wants to be a millionair
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Wally e
Kyran Its unwinnable.
Wally THB_
sswam a worry if the devs can't win it
Kyran I was trying to balance it today, I think the humans just aren't up to snuff yet
sswam is it a single level or several in sequence
Kyran single level
Kyran click Single Player Game
Kyran Select Scenerio
Kyran forthemotherland.smp
sswam I'd better note that also lol, level is under development, currently unwinnable
Kyran You might want to change the tileset to summer.
Kyran Well, it should be winnable, I've just never won it. Besides, if you play with human players it should be winnable.
Kyran for someone at least
sswam is the default one single level or several? winnable?
Kyran default level is a 1vs1, completely winnable
Kyran At the main menu, click on Campaign Game for the campaign, not Single Player Game
sswam ah okay
Kyran Campaign Game also teaches you how to play, kinda.
sswam ok that's what we missed
Kyran You can also change the game speed ingame under options->perferences
sswam I thought + and - actually = and - on Pandora, but doesn't seem to change speed perhaps due to slower cpu
Kyran Yes, that works too.
Kyran Campaign Level 5 is also unwinnable.
Kyran It suppose to end in you being captured.
sswam why
Wally XUbuntu isn't too bad!
dreamer anything *buntu is bad
Kyran sswam, for the plot
sswam cool we'll play it
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sswam so does the broken load/save mean we have to play whole campaign at once?
Kyran Levels are saved inbetween
Kyran and you can use the cheat "unite the clans" to pass a level
sswam where do I find that
Kyran press enter
sswam hope not needed...
Kyran and type it in
sswam ok
Kyran First three levels are simple, no one attacks you.
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sswam hmmm... 3 simple levels and level 5 is unwinnable, leaving one normal level....!
sswam maybe not simple for me anyway, I'm not a super-gamer only played through most of warcraft 1
sswam well, the game I made only has one level. and it is ALMOST unwinnable also I think
sswam more action than strategy
sswam Kyran, so I'm going to try "for the motherland" now, you said change the tileset to "summer"?
sswam well I'll try default first then summer to see what you mean
Kyran You don't have to.
Kyran Summer just removes the snow.
sswam the game feels a little cramped at 800x480 on Pandora, maybe could make the info section at bottom smaller or more compact, somehow...
sswam not sure how that could work. maybe map would float or press a key to see the map
sswam so for the motherland, I start with one captured wise man only is that right?
Kyran Yep, your wise man can summon in other units
Kyran You summon those units in the square he starts in
Kyran Those units you summon in will then be built by the AI and used to attack the enemy
sswam "build basic structure" for summoning, heheh
Kyran You can look at what another AI is doing with its wiseman to the left
Wally sswam how about pixel doubling
Wally Double Res rendering would be interesting on those sort of games
sswam I want the info section to take less space, not more!
sswam pixel halving, maybe
Kyran sswam, I'll send you a file to fix it
sswam it's chugging a bit at 600Mhz, think I need to crank up the clock
Kyran your going to have hundreds of units at the end of the game
sswam Kyran, if you can... it's ok just something I noticed on the small screen, it's still very playable
sswam I might try it on my PC first, to get an idea what it's supposed to be like.
Kyran ... lua/ui.lua
sswam thanks
Kyran put that file in the scripts/human/ folder
Kyran override the existing file
Kyran It's the interface I'm going to be using for the editor, its not super polished yet, but it'll free up some space in game for you.
sswam okay thanks, that is better
sswam I'll change that in the package if that's ok with you
sswam that + summer tiles and I have a whole lot better idea what is going on with the level!
sswam but I forgot to crank up my clock...
04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
05:06 jim4 finished wc1 support yet? i've been waiting for 6 years
05:10 jim4 new things scare me
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Re: Aleona's Tales now on Pandora

Postby Kyran » Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:39 pm

This is a small update for the Pandora port.
(1.81 MiB) Downloaded 519 times
Interface updates!
Pandora.png (288.36 KiB) Viewed 6477 times
04:27 jim4 why haven't you added wc1 support? this project sucks. i'm only going to use freecraft
05:06 jim4 finished wc1 support yet? i've been waiting for 6 years
05:10 jim4 new things scare me
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Re: Aleona's Tales now on Pandora

Postby DinkyDyeAussie » Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:09 pm

Oh sweet! That interface looks familiar :P
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Re: Aleona's Tales now on Pandora

Postby SonJoe012 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:16 am

Nicely done.

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